Winter Favors Elfin Forest

So, picture this. The holiday rush is over, Uncle Mel has finally left the building and gone back home to Peoria, you feel weighted down by too much eggnog and stuffing, your body is rebelling against all of the push and pull of the hectic pace of the holiday obligations and you need to decompress.

Well, a short hop, skip and a jump away is a forest preserve waiting to take all of the holiday post-apocalyptic wreckage away or at least a part of it. Because winter is a perfect time to visit the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. Thanks to the recent rain we have gotten the river is flowing and the meadow is green and the crisp, cool air makes for a nice refreshing hike.

The Elfin Forest is managedĀ and maintained by the Olivenhain Municipal Water District in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and the San Diego County Water Authority. It offers 11 miles of hiking and biking trails and trail for taking your dog with you as well.

At the head of the trail is a little educational center with information on our ecosystem and conservation of water.

Make sure to bring water and dress in layers and maybe a little snack to stop and enjoy the panoramic views of Escondido and the views to the west.

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