Ruff Life at Del Mar Dog Beach

About a mile north of Torrey Pines Reserve and just west of the Del Mar racetrack is Dog Beach. Probably the plushest real estate devoted to dogs, I think I can safely say, in the world. This fine morning, the beach was relatively empty except for a small pack of dogs and their owners and a pick-up volleyball game setting up further back on the sand.

At a cool 58 degrees at high tide, the setting is just right for some introspection and stress relief. Looking around at the panoramic vistas makes you feel awe-inspired and allows space for some self reflection. Now, I guess a lot of people get that feeling when they go to church or synagogue or temple or what-have-you, but in a setting like this, this is my church.

There is a small little pathway that heads up to bluff overlooking the entrance to the Pacific Ocean with a very small little open space to circle around the cliff. You can see down to La Jolla looking south and up north to Encinitas in the other direction and right onto the green at the racetrack looking east and clear past to the mountain range, especially on a day like today. Watch your step up on the bluff, a lot of weather lately has made the cliff even more eroded back from where the chain rope fence borders, so keep your eyes open as you walk around.

Watch the surfers paddling out, the dogs chasing each other and reveling in the sun and surf, the probably self-made, yet craggy looking multi-millionaires who actually have the time to spend a morning at the beach bumming around (not me), and you feel like a small speck on this part of the planet; yet like you could do anything you set your mind to.

Dogs are confined to the beach area and cannot go up the path to the bluff. If you have a dog and bring them with you, it is good neighbour behavior to pick up after them. Watch your step though because some owners do not. If you park just north of the beach you will have to pay, so try to come from the south and park on the side of the street, if you come early enough it shouldn’t be a problem. Happy tails!043 044 046 047 048 049 056 057 058 060 063 067