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Caffe Calabria in North Park

I’ve tried just about every coffee joint in town and nothing compares really to the perfection that is brewed in this lovely Italia-inspired cafe, or shall we say, caffe. This place feels like you literally are in a cafe’ in Italy upon walking inside.  Strung lights hang from the high ceilings alongside soccer jerseys and bottles of Pellegrino and wine glasses. A long marble counter, just like you would come upon in Italy where you can wait for your doppio espresso or sit at one of the tables alongside the other wall. The young and stylish baristas move the long lines along very quickly and are always very friendly.  But, that coffee, that is what I come for. They make my Mexican Mochas just right, or as they call it par Italiano, Caffe Mocha Messicano. Creamy, not too sweet, full-bodied and spicy.  Caffe Calabria turns into a wood-oven Napolitano-style pizza restaurant at night, but that is another story of deliciousness for another time. Caffe Calabria is worth driving to North Park just for a perfect cup of coffee.

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