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I Just Knew This Place Would Blow…

Nomad donuts, I just knew this place would blow a certain over commercialized, lines-around-the-block, get your teenage- mutant greasy super-sized dough ring place out of the water. And it did. I have been wanting to try this place out. It was just one of those places that I had a good feeling out, usually I get a sense of a place and my instincts usually steer me right. And it did.

Doughnuts are such a guilty pleasure so I kept meaning to try this place, but my diet guilt would usually win out, but not this day. Oh no, day after 4th of July and two 12-hour shifts back-to-back at work and a nice sugary pillow of fried dough sounded really good. Especially with this weather we have been having lately, where it is cooler here in San Diego than many parts of the Pacific Northwest right now.

After first walking the dog to at least claim I earned this indulgence with some exercise, we headed over to this nomadic mecca over in North Park, the hipster center-of-all things hip and cool.

It is located in a neat, quaint little shop on a quieter, newer part of 30th street. The donuts are displayed out on the counter and have so many unique offerings it takes some time to figure what to go with. We opted for a dirty chai old-fashioned chocolate donut, a key lime meringue, a blueberry lavender and finally a basil, goat cheese and toasted almond donut! I am sorry but again, regretably I started digging in before taking a picture. While some of the flavors were a little odd, overall I was game for their creativity and ingenuity and respect for portion sizes. Donuts average about $4/apiece and they offer Coffee and Tea Collective coffee drinks.

I think you should plan to check this place out. This would be a good place to spend a little time in your morning, Mexican folk art graces the walls and outside patio seating is available as well.loading_up